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Memory Lane

September 21, 2010
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Last month we went to a family birthday party. I wanted to do something interesting on the way up, while keeping the girls interested, J. happy, and everyone fed. We decided to take the scenic route into Loudoun County and have a picnic on the playground at my elementary school. This was actually where I went to Kindergarten – third grade, before my parents got divorced and we moved to “town.”

Even The Bug, who goes to a pretty small school by suburban Richmond standards, said “This is a school? It’s so SMALL!” Is is small. Most of my classes had about 10 people in them. the fifth grade class that I would have been in had we stayed there, had four kids. I still graduated from high school with those kids, and at least half of them are my Facebook friends now. But it was weird to see the school. We peeked in the windows and it didn’t seem even as big as I remembered it. I guess when you’re seven, everything seems bigger than when you’re 36.

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