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A Blue View on Life

August 12, 2010

*This was supposed to publish late last night, but I messed that up.*

This morning, a couple things with a “blue” theme struck me. The first involves this ridiculous story about the JetBlue flight attendant who cussed out his passengers and then used the emergency slide to escape his plane. People are speaking out in support of him because a) evidently airline passengers are notoriously rude to flight attendants and b) everyone wants to use the proverbial “emergency slide” to escape work frustrations now and again. What I find ridiculous about this story is the fact that it’s been examined over and over on real news shows. A mention of it here and there is understandable, but how many times do I have to see this guy’s smug little smirk on MSNBC?

Anyway, this morning the results of a Wall Street Journal poll were released. The majority of people questioned are unhappy with the direction of the country and believe we’re generally on the “wrong track.” The analysts and anchors kept saying we’re living in a “JetBlue Nation.” That everyone’s generally unhappy with the way things are going, that we’re all frustrated and want to escape. Of course, in this poll, all of the fault for the disgruntledness of the nation can be placed squarely in Washington. I never believe anything, especially politics and public perception, is this simple. But I guess we need someone to blame. Because even jumping out of an airplane won’t make our troubles go away.

Another blue point of interest, is my friend Diane who writes Blue Lollipop Road (I’m the “birdie” she mentions in today’s post – I think). I mentioned Diane here, when she was working for Clutter Cleaner. I don’t know her well at all, but started reading her blog back when I ran into her this spring. She is very bright, interesting and obviously “searching” for something, maybe herself. A few days ago, Diane arrived in Alaska after driving there from Richmond, with very little money and even less planning. She had promised herself she’d see all 50 states, and decided this summer was the time to visit the last one.

Now, I have no desire to drive to Alaska (and I don’t do ANYTHING without a plan – she didn’t even consult a map until Wisconsin!). But the spirit behind this trip is compelling and appealing to me. Diane sold all her stuff, left her job and her home, and hit the road! She felt like she needed to take this step and she just DID IT! I’m in awe of her, and very relieved and excited that she’s safely in Alaska today. I hope she finds what she’s looking for, and that she comes back to Richmond so I can get to know her better.

So no, I’m not driving to Alaska. And I’m not looking for my inflatable chute to escape. Because, really, it’s all still there when you hit the ground. And it might be worse. The JetBlue guy went to jail after he “escaped.”

*Note* I’ve known very few people named Diane in my life. And I’ve written about 2 of them in the past couple of months. They’re not the same people. Diane is in Alaska, Diann wrote The Outer Banks House.

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  1. jec permalink
    August 13, 2010 3:54 pm

    Everyone loves a good “Take this job and shove it” story. I heard from a freelancer recently who will be traveling (apparently alone) in her RV for the next 6 months–she has one short term job in September – November, and she can do her indexing just as well from the RV as from anywhere else. Sounds good! So if I show up in an RV in your driveway one of these days. . . .
    Sounds like the country has the blues, in general.

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