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Snow, Take 3. I’m over it.

February 10, 2010

We had our third weekend snow storm of the winter over the weekend. We didn’t actually have as much snow as last weekend, but it all fell on the top of the several inches that was left over. So we had one more day off from school (to go along with the 4 hours that The Bug went last week!). The weekend started off okay. I had a long overdue lunch with two girlfriends. Political gossip, bloody marys, cheesecake, catching up about everything we could squeeze in to the time we had. Everyone was home at my house, so it was nice to get out… for a 3 hour lunch. It was a perfect way to start a homebound couple of days…

But this weekend, I was hating it. The weather forced our Supper Club hosts to cancel Saturday night’s get together, which was very disappointing. Honestly, I was just bored and being whiny about it. Granted, I had a lot of this going on.

That’s right, we’re smack in the middle of Nekkid Potty Training (and there’s something wrong w/my camera, so the photo I took with the toilet paper unwound all over the bathroom is unretrievable. I copied this one from the internets). It’s not all naked, but I find it much easier to get The Bean to use the potty if there’s nothing standing in her way, so to speak. At the most, she’s spent the last couple days in a shirt and underwear. She’s doing great, but SHE GOES TO THE BATHROOM EVERY 10 MINUTES! And when she has to go, she says, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Not “potty,” not “pee pee,” but “bathroom.” Hilarious.

Eventually, I found something to do. I finished priming a couple of doors that Jay started during last week’s storm. All of our walls and trim were painted white before we moved in (we’ve re-painted some), but all the doors are wood with a finish on it. I want them all white, and then we’ll eventually paint all the walls to contrast. When I was done, I interrupted Jay and the girl’s game of “Littlest Pet Shop Red Rover” (I’m not really sure how this game works, but it entertained all of them for quite some time) by bursting into The Bug’s room and offering to prime her bookshelf. It’s unfinished wood and is one of several shelves we bought about 5 years ago and have never painted. I was looking for anything to paint at that point! I started on a couple other doors before calling it quits in the name of chinese food.

Hopefully the snow is about over – if you know that more is coming please keep it to yourself.

P.S. I know, we got nothin’ on the almost 3 feet of snow that fell in Northern VA this weekend and the possible additional foot they’re getting tonight. Since most of the people who will read this will be digging out of that storm for days, I just wanted to acknowledge you, and be reminded that my whiny-ness is even more unreasonable, relatively!

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  1. jec permalink
    February 12, 2010 2:18 am

    You’re right–nothing to whine about. You knew this was going to happen when you moved away from Northern Virginia. It’s part of the big conspiracy. The big snow conspiracy.
    Yay for the Bean! I’m so proud. Give her a kiss from me.

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