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September 18, 2009

Just so you don’t think I love and am mourning Patrick Swayze too much, I thought I’d throw up a quick post to push him down the page a bit. But I really just have some random things to throw into the post, so bear with me.

1) The VA Governor’s race is tightening up! After being down double digits in the polls, my friend Creigh Deeds is closing the gap with his opponent. Thankfully the news got out about the opponents true colors, and now Senator Deeds can concentrate on the important stuff… Virginia’s economy, schools, roads and our future. I feel bad that I haven’t done more to help, but this job and the rest of my life keeps getting in the way of politics. We’re going to figure out how much we can contribute now, and I’ll talk to some friends about doing the same. If you don’t know much about Creigh, watch this.

 2) Kindergarten – it’s going well. We only “accidentally” missed the bus once, and we purposely missed it yesterday too. The Bug stayed up a little late, so we decided that I would drive her to school so she could sleep late.

3) We’re hosting our “Supper Club” tomorrow night. Our theme is Local Food Tailgate. Obviously, a cobbled together version of what I wanted and what J. wanted. We’ve got about 15 people coming, and I’ll decide what main dish I’m contributing when I see what they have at the farmer’s market tomorrow.

4) Here’s a funny Facebook fact – someone “friended” me when I first signed up. She is from my hometown, a fact made obvious by the mutual friends we have. I had no idea who she was. I asked my best friend from home, she said, “Look at her picture, you’ll recognize her.” Yeah, I don’t. But I felt too bad saying no, so she’s my “friend.” She posts ALL THE TIME, and she’s “chatted” with me several times. It’s bizarre, because I truly have no idea who she is! She’s not stalking me or anything, so there’s no harm done. It’s just bizarre!

Oy, there’s plenty of other craziness going on around here, but I have to go deal w/it instead of sitting at my computer!

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