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Family Heirlooms

July 9, 2009

There’s a coffee table in my family that stirs up a lot of emotion, and oftentimes physical pain.

My aunt has had it in her living room for as long as I can remember. I think it was my grandmother’s before that. My aunt is the party host of my family – it’s where Christmas is celebrated, birthday parties are held and wedding “after parties” last all night long. In the course of all of this activity, several children in my family have fallen, hit The Coffee Table and required stitches, or ice at the very least.

When The Bug was born, J. declared that our kids could never be around The Coffee Table. The first Christmas that we visited (when Bug was almost 1 and starting to walk), my aunt moved The (very large and heavy) Coffee Table out of the living room to accommodate a nervous first time dad.

Anyway, tonight I may have identified “The Coffee Table” in my house and of my childrens’ generation. And it’s known around here as “The Rockin’ Fofa.” My great aunt gave me this small, child/doll size, wooden rocking sofa (as opposed to rocking chair) when I was young. It’s always been around and I called it the “rockin fofa” when I was a child. The Bug had it in her room for a long time, but never paid a whole lot of attention to it. We’ve stored stuffed animals on it (until I give them away… hello, dust collectors!), and at one point we kept her books on it. Now it’s in The Bean’s room, and she loves it. She moves it into the center of the room, sets up her bear, sits next to him and “reads” him a book on The Rockin’ Fofa. I love it.

Tonight The Bean fell (because she’s always jumping and running around) and smashed her nose right on the wooden arm of the fofa. She cried, we applied ice. When she looked up, The Bug gasped and I looked down and saw blood coming out of The Bean’s nose! It really was not much of an injury, as wild 2 year olds go, but I’m not sure The Bean will ever feel the same about The Rockin’ Fofa.

I’m so glad we have these family heirlooms, passed down through the family. I just hope that they don’t kill us.

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  1. Margaret permalink
    July 9, 2009 1:54 pm

    Sorry to hear The Bean got a ‘bonk’. I’m sure she’ll be rockin’ (and rollin’) before long.

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