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An Easter Soaking

April 13, 2009

We should all just face it. Easter in VA will never be reliable, weather wise. It’s often cold, 2 years ago it snowed, and there are plenty of rainy Easter weekends in VA history. The first half of this one was no exception.

I knew there were supposed to be showers on Saturday, but I wanted to pack everyone up anyway and go to the Easter Egg Hunt at the site where I work, an hour and 15 minutes away. We were okay, it was cloudy and cool, but not actually raining as we drove. But as soon as they had a couple hundred kids lined up ready for some eggs, the skies opened, the wind blew and it became… miserable. The Bean wanted nothing to do with it, so she and J. stood under a tree. The Bug wanted to “hunt” so she’d run a few steps then turn around and cry about how cold/wet she was. I’d say, “Okay, let’s go then,” and she’d cry some more. It was pretty much a disaster.

About 10 minutes after the hunt ended, it stopped raining. Of course. It was still cold and cloudy, altogether a gloomy day on the Northern Neck of VA.

It could have been better if SuperMom here had thought to bring, oh I don’t know, jackets for her children! The Bug ended up eating lunch (at a restaurant) wearing her tights and my corduroy jacket. Her dress was soaked, making her really cold, so we took it off.

Luckily, Easter Sunday was sunny. Not warm, but at least dry. There was yet another egg hunt, this one at the park in our neighborhood. There was enough candy to make the Bug forget about the horrible experience, I think. Although I’m not sure she’ll ever go back to the place where I work. She said she might, in the summer.

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  1. jec permalink
    April 16, 2009 8:29 pm

    I heard there was some screaming involved. Sounds like a memory to last a lifetime!

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