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An Exception, Not the Rule

December 12, 2008

The story du jour, as you know, is the “pay to play” scandal in Illinois. Seems the Governor of Illinois decided that President-Elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat was a golden egg and he was going to profit from it.

Of course, this has raised questions about who was involved, and some of the people I know who are looking for any reason to attack our President-Elect, are rejoicing in thinking that he or his staff might have been involved. I’ve also heard a lot of the “this is typical politics” attitude.

When I met and started dating J. (11 years ago), he had that attitude. He had never voted and he said that all politicians were crooked and sleazy. At the time, I had several campaigns under my professional belt and was working with a state political party. I had to explain to J. that I knew the candidates who I worked for and with well. And that none of them were dishonest, shady, or out for personal profit. I have to admit I was offended that he would think I would work for someone like that.

Now, J. pays more attention to politics than I do. He gets excited about candidates he’s decided to support. He communicates with his representatives about matters that are important to him.

Believe me, I’ve seen favors done, “behind the scenes deals” brokered, and I’ve witnessed plenty of less than upstanding behavior by elected officials. I hate that there are public officials who abuse the power they are entrusted with. I am glad that I have never worked for someone who betrayed my trust like that, although I have been crushed with disappointment by officials I have developed professional relationships with. But I still wish everyone would take the time and effort to realize that people like Gov. Rod Blagojevich are the exception, not the rule. People throughout this country, around the planet, choose to put their personal lives, careers and privacy on hold to serve and improve their communities. Some of us will never be strong enough to make that sacrifice. But I appreciate those who do and who will, and I wish others would as well.

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  1. December 16, 2008 4:44 pm

    Good post. I’d be lying if I said I agree, but just wanted to make sure you knew I read it!

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