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What it means… no matter who you voted for

November 8, 2008

Someone sent me this video today. I actually think that the chanting “Obama” to music is a bit over the top. Little too “cultish.” BUT I agree with a lot of the sentiments of the speakers. I believe that no matter who you voted for, we should all remember some key points from this election.

One is that we are about to undergo a handing over of power from one person and one party, to another. Unlike in many countries, this is happening peacefully, with no war, no bloodshed (well, except for this chick who mutilated herself for John McCain).

Secondly, we did change the world. Like it or not, we have been unpopular in the eyes of most of the rest of the world for the past several years. I believe that is going to change with President-Elect Obama. One of the reasons other countries are taking notice, is that the election of a black man shows a huge shift in the United States. It didn’t happen in the last few weeks, or even during this campaign. And Obama certainly wasn’t elected BECAUSE of the color of his skin.

But he was elected to the highest office in a land that used to treat people with dark skin like animals. There are people who voted for him who were not allowed to eat in certain places or enter specific doors, because they are black. That has changed. I am glad that my daughters don’t think it’s a big deal that the new President has brown skin. They don’t know any different. But I am also glad that I can say to my children, “This is the first time a black man has been President. And that’s important.”

Even if you didn’t vote for him or don’t agree with his policies, I do hope that everyone can take a minute and realize how significant a moment in history this is. Don’t waste it being angry about the election results. Don’t waste it attacking the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Just see it for what it is, and move on. Lobby for the issues that are important to you, help elect people you agree with to local office (so much more gets done at this level anyway, to be honest). But appreciate the history.

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  1. 11 elections permalink
    November 11, 2008 2:50 am

    Great post. I first voted for Hubert Humphrey in 1968, the year I turned 21, so my vote for Obama was my 11th presidential ballot. What a thrill. I really didn’t think he could be elected until about a month ago. What a change to be hearing a cool, calm, intelligent voice speaking in complete sentences, for a change. I hope and believe our new administration is up to the unimaginably difficult tasks ahead.

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