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The only poll that matters

October 31, 2008

I am so relieved. I voted, “in person absentee” on Wednesday. Everyone’s forecasting very long lines at polling places next week, plus I’ll be working 90 minutes from home most of the day. Bug was disappointed that she didn’t get to go to the voting booth, but hopefully a joyful election night will make up for it. I plan on letting her stay up late, if she wants to. I worked on campaigns for years and am definitely a political junkie, and I know that Election Day is the “only poll that matters.”

VA does not have early voting like some states, but you can vote by mail absentee (mail in an application, get a ballot in the mail, send it back), or you can go to the registrar’s office and fill out the form and vote right there. I’m not sure what the difference is between this absentee voting and “early voting,” but leave it to VA to call it something else. It usually takes us awhile to recognize anything that might be seen as the least bit “progressive.”

Anyway, voting took some of the anxiety that this election has been giving me away. I feel like I’ve done my part, I guess, so now it’s up to the rest of the country (which is scary, but still a bit less stressful for some reason). My mom says that she’s going to vote early, and I hope she gets around to doing it. I’m worried that some people will give up instead of standing in long lines.

I found out why Bug knew about about the voting booth when I picked up the girls at daycare today and saw their preschool Voting Booth. Bug showed me how it worked, the pictures of the two candidates, and the “endorsements” the children had written about their chosen candidates. Hers went something like this:

     ” I think Barack Obama will be a better President than John McCain. He will do better things than John McCain. If people don’t have enough money to get food or go to the doctor, he will help them get some.”

I know, some people call this “redistributionism,” or maybe “socialism,” even “Marxism.” But can you really find fault with a 4 year old who just wants everyone to have enough food, a place to sleep, and medicine that they need? Doesn’t sound like a bad way to run a country to me. Sounds like this Governor of a certain state that’s “next door neighbors” with Russia even likes that plan.

Anyway, the preschool classes are voting on Monday, and they’ll announce the results on Tuesday. Bug & Bean go to a daycare center in a mid-sized city university hospital. There are many ethnicities, nationalities, religions and family income levels represented. Certainly this will be an accurate glimpse at the electorate as a whole, right? Ummm… yeah… we’ll see how it goes.

One more political note. The other night at dinner, Madeline picked something up from her plate and said, “I’m going to eat my Barack-oli!” J. and I cracked up, and figured we haven’t done such a bad job.

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  1. grandmama permalink
    October 31, 2008 12:45 pm

    I’m glad you recorded Madeline’s comments–always so hard to remember later. From now on, it will be “barack-oli” to me! I did vote yesterday–quick and painless. I saved a sample ballot and an “I Voted” sticker as a souvenir because this is such a historic election. Brenda D. was right in front of me in line, and after voting we spent about 1/2 hour catching up. Saw some other old (Dem) friends, too. I was worried about having to stand in long lines at a new polling place (for me) in what could be cold or otherwise bad weather next Tuesday. I feel much better now too–I haven’t flown into a rage for about 16 hours now! Maybe after next week I’ll be able to break my MSNBC habit.

  2. October 31, 2008 3:06 pm

    Barack-oli … I love it! Too funny!

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