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Have babies…will travel?

June 18, 2008

I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile now. I’ve been looking for someone to pay me more money than I make now (or at least as much), who will put no pressure on me, not challenge me, and not make me work very hard. I’m realizing that option doesn’t exist. So now I’m thinking of taking a job that is a huge challenge, in my field but much more advanced, and includes some travel. And hopefully a lot more money. I feel like we can make it work, but I’m interested in what other working moms who travel have to say.

J. has a good job that he loves, and he is able to take time off whenever he needs it, and he has a very reliable schedule day to day. So that’s an advantage, and he’d have to take on a lot of child care/transportation. But he’s probably doing 50% of it now, so it won’t be a huge leap. Obviously, more money is good for my family. But it’s not everything. This job would be more flexible when I wasn’t traveling (working at home), so that’s a plus. And there’s a very generous leave policy. That’s worth something to a mom of young kids. Also, maybe this is an opportunity for my kids to travel some too. Bug would love to go to New York City. She might not know it, but she would love it!

But is it bad for my kids if I’m gone a night or two a month? (I don’t really know how much it would be, but I’m thinking that’s reasonable). Am I trading money for their happiness/well being? Am I just desperate to get out of my current job? What sort of questions should I be asking the potential employer to make sure I know exactly what I’m getting into? Will I regret this?

I don’t have an official offer yet, and I am scared to get too excited about this. We’re also dealing with several other major issues; real estate, health, etc. right now. So my head is spinning a little bit, and this might not make a lot of sense. But I’m going to try and communicate with some other working, traveling moms and see if they have any tips!

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