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This is it

May 21, 2008

Okay, I’m doing this. I’m going to stop obsessing about whether I’m going to pursue the blogging thing or not. What’s the point of doing this if noone reads it? I’ll start making comments on other blogs, and including this address. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Strangers might not like me, but oh well.

This is part of my “It is what it is” philosophy on life. I’ve been too busy thinking about things, not busy enough DOING things. We’re putting our house on the market, we’re looking for a new one. I’m applying for jobs. I’m doing my current job well. I’m taking my kids to daycare everyday. I’m talking to my husband about what I’m feeling. My blog is going “public.” I’m doing it. I’ve been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about these things for so long.

The worst case scenarios aren’t as bad as the loop running in my head. So the house doesn’t sell. So we don’t find our dream house. So I go on some interviews. So I stay in my current job for awhile longer. So my kids are taken care of part of the day by professionals who love them and care for them while I earn money to take care of them at home. So my husband doesn’t like what I have to say sometimes. More often, I think, he will appreciate me being honest and true to myself.

So, here I am.

Now, stay tuned and I might actually talk about Politics. Or Life.


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