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She’s an 80’s Lady

February 21, 2008

Today is picture day at Bug’s school. Last year I dressed her up in a jumper and long sleeve shirt, tights and dress shoes. A teacher brushed her hair, perfectly smooth and straight. This year, we’re a bit more relaxed. She helped pick out her clothes. A sweatshirt, sweater (they actually go together quite well), short denim skirt and black leggings with lace trim at the bottom. Then she wanted a “bow in her hair.” She has a pink silky belt (a bday gift from the Captain’s family) that she likes me to tie on top of her head. She looks like Madonna, circa “Borderline.”

On the way to school, we decided to listen to music (which I much prefer over yet another round of “I Spy”). I popped in my newest CD. It’s “80’s favorites.” J. bought it for me a couple weeks ago (he chooses all the music in our house, because he’s great at it!). The first song we listened to was “Video killed the radio star.” Madeline loved it, asked for it to be played over and over. By the second time she was singing along. Then I played one of my personal favorites, Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon.” She said that was great too. After a little “Everybody wants to rule the world” and “Come on Eileen,” we arrived at school. We did a little dancing to that last one in the parking garage too. She said, “That’s a great CD. Those people are really good singers. Can we listen to it on the way home?”

I don’t know how we’ve done it, but we’ve created a little 80’s Lady! Love it!!

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  1. G'mama permalink
    February 26, 2008 9:39 pm

    I like that music too! I guess the 80s made quite an impession on me. Bug has good taste.

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